We truly belive that in order for great things to happen the Client-Contractor relationship should extend much further... We are in this together, discussing, interacting, shaping and working towards our goals. We want to know your ideas, study your competition and understand your concerns. Communication is the key word here and to flow smoothly it needs our uniform attention. From there we can build trust and when that happens, anything becomes possible.

Our partners

Aviva Sp. z o.o. is working closely with GEMS Interactive for over two years. We truly appreciate the quality of their work, especially when it comes to visuals. They are always crafted with high attention to detail and to this day they can surprise us. We are extremely satisfied with the teams approach to working alongside our goals and corporate guidelines. As Head of Social Media I can honestly recommend working with GEMS Interactive.

Mateusz Krasuski
Mateusz Krasuski
Head of Social Media

The company GEMS Interactive has produced numerous promotional and training videos for inside as well as outside communication. Among those was an educational video aimed at Leroy Melin’s employees, considering the introduction of new items and the montage of several feature films on our biggest campaign “Dni Bohatera Domu”.

We plan on continuing our business relationship and comission new movies in the future. We truly recommend GEMS Interactive to anyone who values quality and aims at high standards.

Oskar Smerdzyński
Oskar Smerdzyński
Internal Communication Specialist

The team from GEMS Interactive created a website, video and some custom iconography. Each project was done according to our guidelines. We have some great experiences, working with the project manager. The response times were brought to a minimum.

We continue working with GEMS Interactive and suggest them to all companies.

Anna Gomoło-Pomodowska - Inter-Team
Anna Gomoło-Pomodowska
PR Manager

GEMS Interactive agency created our whole visual identity as well as our web portal. The strategic and well thought out actions of the team, made the process run smoothly. The solutions proposed by the Art Director helped our brand to properly communicate our values. We are extremely happy with the fact that a lot of our clients say out loud how they love our visual identity and we are certain that because of that, some of them became our clients in the first place. We highly recommend GEMS Interactive.

Bartek Górecki - Lokalowo
Bartek Górecki
Chairman of the Board

We had the priviledge to work with GEMS Interactive during the IM4SM (Iron Man 4 Sclerosis Multiplex) project. Each person involved in the project showed great creativity and engagement. We owe them our logo mark, webpage and other materials used in the IM4SM movement. Working with GEMS Interactive team was both pleasant and professional.

Max i Agnieszka Wójcik
The initiators of the action

GEMS Interactive created our logo animation as well as a promotional movie, on one of our events. The promo was recorded using hi end equipment and with great care. We are pleased by the fact that our unique atmosphere and character of this event has been properly captured. The additional interviews with some of our members clearly present the value one can get from joing us.

The whole process went very smoothly and in great atmosphere. We are very happy with the final result. We highly recommend GEMS Interactive.

MATEUSZ KRASUSKI - Head of Social Media
Sławomir Stańczuk
Chairman of the Board