We are a group of people connected by the belief that the greatest ideas are always born from a combination of hard work and passion. At work – creative and professional, we’re not afraid to reach higher than others. In private – easy going and witty, people with whom you would like to hang out.


Project Manager

I like to think about myself as a creator of a space where both, beautiful and bold projects, may rise. This concept is a driving force for me – it encourages my self-development, and pushes me to reach further in everyday actions. I believe that bringing to life extraordinary projects needs people who are capable of far more than ourselves. I enjoy meeting new people, getting to know them better and building great relations. Did I mention that I love chess? Wanna play?


Art Director

I’m a multidisciplinary creative person. My everyday life is filled with picture, motion and sound - if I am not designing at the moment, I am inspired by looking at other people’s work. If I am not listening to music, I play my electric guitar.. I devour books like crazy. Knowledge and constant development are my way of life. I love to explore new ideas and try to push myself further every day. Cliche solutions are not for me. My favourite state to be in is definitely the state of FLOW.


Web Development Leader

I prove to those who say “impossible”, how wrong they are. Where others doubt, I see a plan. That is how I approach coding. In each and every project I take on, I am looking for better, non obvious solutions. I program and optimize myself, my code.. actually everything. Coding new and healthy habits became my passion. I love a good challenge - the harder the better. Why? Because I constantly raise the bar for myself and don’t rest until I jump over it.


Business Development Manager

My aim is to deliver high value, and my motto is: overdeliver, never overpromise. My life has been impacted by numerous long, overseas travels and foreign studies. Dynamic situations with thrills make my days. Those are, in particular - sports challenges, competition on the racetrack.. or sealing the deals that many would say - are impossible. For me, such business won’t end once the contract is signed - it is meant to last longer than that. Since doing business with somebody you like makes it much easier and better, many of my previous clients became my acquaintances and few even friends. Would you like to enter the circle?


Head of Communication

I’m an outgoing, positive and scatterbrained person. I have a thousand ideas per minute, and I would gladly stretch the day to realize them all. I love being among people - that is why I’ve chosen to work in communication industry. I have a sensitive, artistic soul which I express in several ways: by dancing, singing, or playing with words to create some catchy slogan. My recipe for life is smile - sent out into the world it always comes back to me.


Digital interaction designer

I’m very much into how you can take something and simplify it down to its essence. This attitude fueled by the knowledge coming from the users, helps me to solve their problems by designing intuitive digital products with great user experience. In my work and personal life I like to be surrounded by the like-minded people who share similar sensibility. Discovering the world, being mindful and genuinely interested in people makes me inspired. Looking through people's eyes helps me notice all the shades of life out there. When I want to relax I play piano. Playing and listening to the music at the same time helps me to unwind like nothing else.


Mobile developer leader

I graduated from PJATK. For 3 years I have been implementing IT projects and managing them. I have successfully carried out a dozen of IT projects - specializing in B2B systems, mobile applications and CRM systems. In my spare time I like to relax playing electric guitar, playing tennis and watching the actions of my favorite player - Roger Federer.