Visual Identity

Art Direction

In the year 2017 the Central Statistical Office held a contest for their new visual identity. The scope of work included the CSO logo, a logo for the CSO’s 100th anniversary as well as implementation of the concept for 16 other Statistical Offices across Poland. Below you can see our concept.


A central organ of the government’s administration. It’s main goal is to gather and release statistical data on most of the public life as well as some aspects of private life.

Reference to the old version

The most pronounced element of this composition is the letter „U”.

The two universally recognizable statistical graphs.
Since CSO is a government institution - we decided to base our design on things that can be correlated instantly with statistics.

Second most important aspect of this institution is to gather and to archive statistical data. Coming out from the letter “U” we arrive at a shape which also looks like a magnet.

The next step included placing the symbol into a rectangular form as well as balancing out all the proportions, based on the golden ratio.

Color Palette
To illustrate both ends of the data spectrum, we decided to use complimentary colors. They represent positive and negative (hot and cold if you will).

Blue is statistically the favourite color for most people. The complimentary color for blue is yellow.

Placing the mark alongside font element
The typography was chosen to contrast with the rounded corners of the logo form.

The 100th anniversary logo
We based the design on the forms and ratios from the original logo. The color palette remained the same as well.

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