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Art Direction, Development, Communication

We’re with Lokalowo from the very beginning. We were responsible for marketing strategy, visual identity as well as the portal itself with all it’s features.

Lokalowo is a portal where you can find all the cool places in your town. The main idea behind Lokalowo is to help people spend quality time in great places (restaurants, clubs bars and many other).

As with any other website / portal, our process began with laying out the navigation (UX - User Experience).

The visual aspect was based on Google’s „Material Design” thinking. The user interface is clear and intuitive thanks to elements that represent physical objects like cards buttons etc. The distinct color palette of Lokalowo helps to grab the users attention and point it exactly where we want it to be.

Lokalowo is based on a custom fit CMS (Content management system) It consists of different modules such as: Content management, Galleries, Blog posts as well as several other custom solutions.

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