Mobile App

Art Direction

We were responsible for designing the user interface for the new mobile app „memfinder”. The works amounted to over 60 screens.


Memfinder is an app which helps entrepreneurs and businessmen alike to exchange information and keep track of all their contacts. It’s a great alternative for storing hundreds of printed business cards.


Color Palette
Color palette was chosen to reflect professionalism but still keep things in a lighter, positive mood that could match a good networking session.

UI (user interface)

The graphical elements used in the design are all based off Google’s Material Design and interact in accordance with Material Design’s logic.

Memfinder provides an unique solution to exchange contact via QR code scanning. The QR code can hold one contact, several contact or the users whole library at once.

This saves immeasurable amounts of time and allows users to focus on their newly acquired contact instead of looking on their phones and entering info by hand.

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