Art Direction

We took upon a task to deliver a clean, modern logo design, that would be immediately recognizable and stand out from the crowd of competition. The main goals that we had in mind were to illustrate minimalism, timelessness and luxury.Here’s how we approached the task at hand.

Warsaw Real Estates

Warsaw Real Estates is a company which swiftly marks its place among the Real Estate market.


Color Palette
When scoping through competition, we concluded that there are three colors that are most used when it comes to real estate companies.

We decided to drift towards something natural looking, calm and beautiful. A scene which each and every one of us can relate to - the rising of the sun.

Not only do the colors remind us of a sunrise. They remain professional (navy - purple) but add the warm factor to the equation.

The Mark

We made an effort to extract a minimalistic shape from the letter „W”. Inspired by the picture showing the triangular windows, we came up with several options.

We ended up using a simple, 3-piece shape.
The figure also represents a modern architectual design as well as a crown.
The symmetry portrays being in the center - Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
We wanted to add some sort of unconvetional approach - something to catch the eye off guard and at the same time add to the deeper meaning of the logo. The client wanted to portray the wide scope of their listings.

We decided to split the 3 pieces horizontally.
This way we ended up with a symbolical panorama of the city.

After combining the mark with typography we arrived at a clean looking, modern logotype that is easilly recognizable amongst competition.

It reflects luxury and focuses emotionally on what’s most important for the client - not the real estate agent. The view of a rising sun from his new apartment.

Unconventional thinking translates into unique solutions

Do You care for your brand to represent prestige and be seen as the best amongst competition? Let’s design a brand that will communicate power and stability. It’s core based on a story that demonstrates luxury and leadership.